Latest News

Some Art at the Library

Since Covid, we haven’t had any new art exhibits on display until this week.  Now we have a LOVE poster created by Lubec Students with art teacher Connie Harter-Bagley


and a few paintings by artist Ann Oliver-Nickerson which give us a sneak preview of September’s art exhibit.

“Stories Of Old Lubec” CD’s

“Stories Of Old Lubec” CDs are currently available at the Lubec Memorial Library. Recordings of the first season’s four programs: featuring Wendell Small, Linda Maker, Lynne Hatch and Donnie Alley; Muriel Doran and Elaine Leavitt; Peggy and Harold Bailey; and Christine (Teeny) Brown and Priscilla Hill; may be borrowed or purchased, at a cost of $15 each.

Season two’s recordings of these popular library programs will be available later this year.

Roofing Project

Our winters have taken a toll of the Lubec Memorial Library roof and it is being replaced this fall. We are asking community members and businesses to help us cover the cost of the roof by donating money for shingles – which cost $42 per bundle. We need 200 bundles! Any amount is appreciated and will help us protect this valuable community resource. We truly appreciate your support.

Some changes to our website.

We have made some changes to our website to improve the updating process when new information from the Lubec Memorial Library is available.  The home page of the website will list our recurring programs and events, and our new blog page (Latest News on the menu bar) will be used to post additional news about special events or other information from the library.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve our website further please stop by and let us know.